Khabarovsk: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Sightseeing bus tour
Tour price: guide + transport
Duration: 2 hours

We will see the capital of the Far East of Russia, will know a history of its formation and will visit the most beautiful places of this city. We will visit the central part of Khabarovsk where the finest houses, museums, libraries and universities are located, they were built in different architectural styles and these buildings amaze us with not only their exterior, but their history fascinates us as well. We will visit main squares of the city, will see the Amur cliff, central railway station, three main temples of the city, ponds with more than 100 years of history and sports and entertainment complex “Platinum Arena”.
Please pay attention to the fact that several walks are scheduled during excursion.

Amur miracle: tour visiting the bridge over the Amur River
Tour price: guide + transport
Duration: 3 hours

We offer you the guided tour “Khabarovsk: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” + visiting the bridge over the Amur River.
The Amur River Bridge is depicted on the 5,000 Russian ruble banknote — the largest denomination note of Russia. This bridge — the last stage of The Trans-Siberian Railway construction — the longest railway line in the world.
Please pay attention to the fact that several walks are scheduled during excursion

Khabarovsk — City of Military Glory
Tour price: guide + transport + museum ticket
Duration: 3 hours

We will visit all significant military places of the city, memorials and monuments. We will see the Eternal flame dedicated to the Victory in the Second World War, the Headquarters of the Eastern Military District and we will finish our excursion in the Museum of Military History. You will learn all the battles and local conflicts in which Russian soldiers took part as well as you will see a parade of military equipment

Orthodox Khabarovsk
Tour price: guide + transport
Duration: 2,5 hours

Since ancient times, the main religion of Russia is the Orthodox Christianity. At the moment, the city has 11 Orthodox churches located in different parts of the city. During the tour, we will see the most important of them and we will go inside the three central temples. You can light a candle for the health of loved ones, feel the aura of this ancient religion and buy Christian paraphernalia.
Please note that when entering the temple area girls and women are required to cover their heads according to etiquette.

Evening Khabarovsk
Tour price: guide + transport
Duration: 2 hours

We will see the main attractions of the city center — monuments, historic buildings and we will walk along the Amur cliff in the evening light. We will visit the central city ponds with dancing fountains and the square of Glory with the main church and war memorial.
The city in the evening glow will make you come back here again

Regional Museum
Tour price: guide + museum ticket

The largest and oldest museum of the Far East. You will see animals of the Khabarovsk Territory beginning from the Amur tiger to the mammoth. You will learn about the history of these places: beginning from the local people to recent history. You will see trees and stone gems of the Far East. You also can make a wish next to the magic stone turtle and it will come true.

On a visit to the animals: zoo
transport + zoo ticket + guidet
Duration: 3 hours

We will see endangered species of animals listed in the Red Book: Amur tiger, Far Eastern leopard, black bear, etc. This is not a complete list of the animals you can see. You will see all the enclosures inside zoo and you can feed herbivorous inhabitants.
Do not forget to take along your camera and water.

Russian village «Lad»
Tour price: transport + guide + services
Duration: 4 hours

The Russian village is situated within one-hour drive of the city. You will see a traditional Russian house «izbushka» and touch the Russian stove, taste tea from a samovar and ride horses. Beautiful scenic spots, clean air will make your stay easy and enjoyable. Immerse yourself in the Russian fairy tale!

Journey to the Petroglyphs: Sikachi-Alyan
Tour price: transport + guide + base services
Duration: 5 hours

We will go behind the legends: we will learn how people have won three suns, why the dog never sleeps and why a bear and a tiger are not friends. Nanai village Sikachi-Alyan still keeps legends and their embodiment — petroglyphs. These rock paintings are of Paleolithic Era. You also will meet with indigenous people of the Far East — Nanai and Udege and you will taste their national cuisine. As an option, you can make your own amulet.

Price for person, USD
Excursions Duration 1-2 3-5 6-10
Khabarovsk:Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 2 hours 95 50 35
Amur miracle 3 hours 140 75 50
Khabarovsk Military 3 hours 165 85 60
Ortodox Khabarovsk 2,5 hours 120 60 45
Evening Khabarovsk 2 hours 95 50 35
Regional museum 2 hours 160 80 55
Zoo 3 hours 180 90 50
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